Our Team

The Nantucket Looms Design Team has the sources and flexibility to work on any scale of project. Whether you need the house decorated to sell on the real estate market or you are renovating or moving into a new home, our year-round design team is here to meet your needs.

Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Hall, head designer and business partner at Nantucket Looms, has been instrumental in developing our interior design department into a full-scale, year-round design house for both residential and commercial clients. For the past 22 years, she has been curating the Looms collections each season. Her design aesthetic, which can be seen in our Main Street retail showroom, has been featured in many beach cottages and off-island homes alike. Her ability to mix and match contemporary pieces with classic cottage style furnishings resonates with long-time Nantucket Looms clients while appealing to a new generation of clientele as well.

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Tracey Goncalves

Tracey Goncalves’ background in sales and office management ensures that the Nantucket Looms Design Office runs smoothly and efficiently. Her familiarity with countless vendors, contractors and master craftspeople makes her an invaluable resource for customizing and ordering products. Tracey, who is also a talented artist in her own right, also participates in the creative design and installation process of various projects. Her attention to detail and diligent follow-through help keeps every phase of the design process wonderfully on track.

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Brooke Gherardini

Brooke Gherardini brings to the team her extensive experience in color theory, design, art and textiles. Brooke’s aesthetic draws inspiration from the natural environment and seasonal colors of the island. A commissioned artist, graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Montana and from California College of the Arts where she studied textiles, Brooke’s understanding of color and texture is second to none. She loves to push the limits on design and brings an exciting, versatile and vibrant style to the Nantucket Looms design team.

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